January 29, 2013

Westlock Pharma II for effective sanitary valve monitoring and control

The Pharma II Compact Control Monitor from Westlock Controls offers cost-effective means of monitoring and controlling sanitary diaphragm valves. It is compatible with all major valve manufacturer products and is specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern pharmaceutical and biotech facility applications.

The Pharma II incorporates new design features, such as a patent pending, self-setting limit switch assembly, engineered to reduce nuisance alarms and false trips created by changes in valve seat hardness. Furthermore, it features a high definition visual indicator that allows for 360° viewing from up to 100 feet away. Hermetically sealed bifurcated switches whose snap action and self-cleaning functionality make them ideal for use with high and low current switching ensure minimal maintenance and maximum reliability, even in higher cycling applications. The QuickSwap modular design allows the quick change out of network electronics/switch module or the easy addition of a twist lock puck style base mounted solenoid valve. The Pharma II is Non-incendive certified and available as a conventional and network control monitor.

Westlock Controls is the product leader in the networking, monitoring and control of process valves. By utilizing the latest technologies and expert services, Westlock is committed to the development of innovative technologies to improve customer efficiencies and set new standards in the flow control industry.

About Westlock:

Westlock is a leader in providing innovative solutions for the networking, monitoring and control of process valves. With manufacturing, sales and service facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Singapore, Westlock provides a 24/7 global service. For more information on Westlock’s wider portfolio, visit  www.westlockcontrols.com.

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