January 29, 2013

Westlock Controls presents the next generation of pneumatic positioner for rotary actuators

The new Westlock F793 pneumatic rotary valve positioner is one of the most advanced control devices for the operation of quarter turn rotary actuated valves. Incorporating a number of new and revised features, the newly updated F793 positioner meets the demands of the process industry for fast, easy and accurate on-site positioning.

The enhanced F793 product range now features a new high visibility beacon and graduated indicator disc to allow easy and accurate on-site monitoring. Its innovative internal design provides stable positioning characteristics for small and large actuators, while captive fittings throughout the design prevent loss on site and facilitate maintenance and repairs.

The F793 can be mounted directly and axially to the actuator stem and can easily be configured for single or double-acting service, ensuring maximum flexibility. To enable direct attachment to NAMUR compatible devices the separate NAMUR mounting block of previous designs was replaced by an integral NAMUR shaft and tapped mounting holes, eliminating the need for a coupler.

“The updated F793 demonstrates how Westlock approaches on-going product improvements and responds to customer feedback”, comments Mike Lutolf, Global Product Manager - Controls. “Our main aim was to refresh the overall design and allow for a number of key process and manufacturing improvements whilst maintaining the existing dimensions from the shaft centreline to the valve interface. As a result, the new units still have the same valve assembly, tri-lobe cam profile and product calibration, whilst offering improved control functionality, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of general purpose pneumatic positioner applications.

About Westlock:

Westlock is a leader in providing innovative solutions for the networking, monitoring and control of process valves. With manufacturing, sales and service facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Singapore, Westlock provides a 24/7 global service. For more information on Westlock’s wider portfolio, visit  www.westlockcontrols.com.

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